August 24, 2002 - 9:29 a.m.

who am i?

i searched myself on google today.

what i found out is utterly fascinating.

apparently, robert is ...

... appeased.
... associate editor of the departmental working papers series.
... a keen mountaineer.
... a long-time advertising photographer who specializes in the rock and roll industry.
... a teaching member of the society of teachers of the alexander technique (stat).
... under retainer.
... english by birth and resides in london.
... 40.
... doing full-time vedic astrological consultations and teaching in bend, oregon.
... a trained gymnast.
... a dolphin (although, wendy is not).
... the all-time nba leader in defensive rebounds.
... a composer of contemporary classical music.

i had no idea. no wonder i'm tired all the time.

if you've ever really wondered who you really are, why not give it a try.

you'll be astounded.

- sabu

last movie i saw:
black christmas

lyric playing as i finished this entry:
there comes a time when you swim or sink, so i jumped in the drink, 'cause i couldn't make myself clear
- aimee mann, invisible ink

current discovery that's got me excited beyond belief:
aimee mann's new cd comes out on the 27