September 13, 2002 - 6:42 p.m.

random bus thoughts

so, i was riding a bus through the CD (the central district here in seattle, not a compact disc or one of those things you can put your money into and then, apparently, are unable to get it back out until you're 96 and don't really care about it anymore) and passed by a walgreens pharmacy store-type-place.

in the windows were the following posters showing (i suppose) the happiness of people who a) shop at walgreens and/or b) work at walgreens:

1. an old white couple
2. a young white couple
3. an asian woman
4. another young white couple
5. an asian woman *with* an old white couple

oh, did i mention the central district is predominantly african-american?

does walgreens bother with research?

- sabu

last movie i saw:
i honestly can't remember ... obviously wasn't that great. but i just finished reading 'salem's lot

lyric playing as finished this entry:
i'm just spinning again, spinning, trying to put my finger on it
-anne heaton, spinning

current show you really should watch because it's incredibly entertaining but impossible to do justice to by describing:
so graham norton